Cryogenic Ball Valves


At Ambica Cryogenic , we specialize in the manufacturing of cryogenic ball valves that are specifically designed to meet the demands of cryogenic applications. Our cryogenic ball valves offer several advantages over traditional shut-off valves, including a larger flow diameter, faster opening and closing times, and suitability for various cryogenic and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tank applications.

Our cryogenic ball valves are ideal for use in cryogenic pumps, pipelines, pressure regulation trailers, and other critical cryogenic systems. They are designed to provide reliable and efficient flow control in extreme cold temperatures.

Manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, our cryogenic ball valves are built to withstand the challenges of cryogenic environments. They are available in sizes ranging from DN8 to DN100 and can secure pressure ranges of up to 50 bar. These valves operate effectively at operating temperatures as low as -200°C (-328°F) and as high as +200°C (+392°F).

With their robust construction and superior performance, our cryogenic ball valves ensure precise and reliable flow control in cryogenic systems. Whether you require valves for LNG tanks, cryogenic pumps, or other cryogenic applications, our range of sizes and pressure ratings allows us to meet your specific needs.

Technical Specification

VALVECryogenic Ball Valves (Full/Reduce Bore)
DESCRIPTIONMedia : Liquefied Gas such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, LNG etc.
Size : DN8 to DNIOO
Temperature Range – 2000C (-3280F) to + 2000 (+3920F)
Stem : Long and Short
Pressure Range : DN8 to DN20 PNIOO, DN25 to DN32 PN70, DN40 to DN50 PN50, DN65 to DN80 PN40, DNIOO PN25
End connection : Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Threaded
MOC : Stainless Steel
Cleaning : Cleaned and degreased for Oxygen Service