Liquid Medical Oxygen System


Ambica Cryogenic specializes in the supplier of  Cryogenic Liquid medical Oxygen System. Our advance cryogenic technology ensures of continuous and safe delivery of medical oxygen, helping healthcare providers save lives and provide optimal care.

Cryogenic liquid medical oxygen has numerous advantages over other oxygen delivery methods, including its compact storage capacity, extended shelf life, and ability to provide high flow rates when needed.  

Our team of highly trained professionals works tirelessly to ensure the utmost quality and safety of our cryogenic liquid medical oxygen system.

We invite you to explore our website and discover the myriad benefits of our Cryogenic Liquid Medical Oxygen Service. We are confident that our cutting-edge technology, stringent quality standards, and unwavering dedication will exceed your expectations and contribute to the enhancement of patient care in your healthcare facility. We have supplied more then 1000 LMO unit to domestic market for various 50 to 1000 Nos hospital bed. We can also design the LMO system as per customized & medical hospital requirement up to 5000 Beds.