Cryogenic industrial Gas Cylinder filling system


We offer turnkey solutions for cryogenic cylinder filling stations, enabling the efficient refilling of various gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium, and Natural Gas. Our filling stations are equipped with both manual and automated control features to cater to different operational preferences.

Key components and equipment used in our turnkey cylinder filling stations include:

  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks: Designed to safely store different cryogenic liquids.
  • Cryogenic Liquid Unloading Pumps: Facilitate the transfer of cryogenic liquids from storage tanks to the filling stations.
  • Cryogenic Vaporizers: Available in ambient or heated options, using various energy sources like electricity, diesel, natural gas, hot water, normal water, or steam. Inter-connecting piping is installed between the vaporizers and the control panel.
  • Control Panels: Offer manual, semiautomatic, or automatic control options, with advanced features such as PLC or PLC and SCADA systems. These panels ensure smooth operation and efficient management of the filling process.
  • Filling Manifold: Equipped with multiple parallel filling points and hoses, enabling simultaneous filling of multiple cylinders.
  • Analytical Panels: Integrated with moisture, oxygen, and other gas sensors to monitor the quality and composition of the filled gases.
  • Gas Mixing Panel: In some cases, blending stations are available to create gas mixtures based on percent composition or gravimetric methods. These stations can be operated using semiautomatic or fully automatic glass box fill stations.

Technical Specification

APPLICABLE FLUID & DUTYLOX, LIN, LAR, CO2, LHE, H2 Multiple Gas Blending from 2 to 30 grams
RANGEFrom 2×10 mainfold to 2×60 cylinder mainfolds with redundancy option
AUTOMATIONManual, Semi-auto & Fully Automated Systems
RANGE OF PURITYPercentage based mixtures, Gravimetric mixtures, PPM/PPB mixtures
SCOPE OF SUPPLYDesign, engineer, manufacture, supply, install, commission and train with tanks, HP vaporizers, HP pumps, control panels, manifolds, analyser, GC3, PLC etc.