Cryogenic Pressure Building Coils


Pressure Building Coils and Pressure Building Cryogenic Vaporizers are essential components used in cryogenic tanks to regulate and maintain pressure, ensuring a consistent withdrawal of cryogenic liquids and gases.

Ambica Cryogenic provides Ambient Cryogenic Pressure Building Coils in a range of flow rates and configurations. With a track record of over 1,000 Units in operation, these coils are utilized to re-gasify a specific volume of Cryogenic Liquid by utilizing the latent heat of vaporization. This process helps maintain pressure within different types of cryogenic storage tanks and transportation tankers, enabling the controlled discharge of cryogenic liquid at the required flow and pressure.

Ambica Cryogenic is a trusted supplier of pressure building coils to various cryogenic tank manufacturers and industrial gas companies with critical pressure building needs. These coils are designed with aluminum fins, ensuring highly effective regulation and maintenance of the required pressure inside the storage tank.

In addition, Ambica Cryogenic also offers precisely designed interconnecting piping that takes into account contraction, expansion, and stress analysis considerations, providing a seamless and reliable solution for connecting the pressure building coils in the system.

Technical Specification

MODEL Cryogenic Vaporizer Model PBC
TYPES OF VAPORIZATION/REGASIFICATION Ambient Air Natural Draft Pressure Building Cryogenic Vaporization
CAPACITY OF EACH VAPORIZERS MODULE 10 to 20000 Nm.3/ Hour & Higher on request
PRESSURE RANGE bar(g) to 90 bar(g) as standard
VAPORIZER CONSTRUCTION All aluminium or aluminium with SS lining
DESIGN CODES ASME U stamp, CE marking offered on request
PRESSURE DROP OPTIONS Apart from standard pressure drop ultra-low pressure drop. All parallel units also available on request.
MULTIFOLD CONFIGURATION Single pass all series, parallel series combination, all parallel manifolding