Low pressure Ambient Vaporizer


Our Ambient Cryogenic Vaporizers, manufactured by CRYOGAS equipment, leverage over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of over 10,000 units in operation. These vaporizers play a vital role in the liquefaction plant-to-end user supply chain for cryogenic liquids.

When cryogenic liquids are transported to warmer regions, they need to be vaporized or re-gasified for industrial and commercial applications. In such areas, ambient heat is available throughout the year. Our Natural Draft Cryogenic Vaporizers utilize this free energy for efficient vaporization.

At Ambicacryogenic, we also provide precisely designed interconnecting piping that takes into account contraction, expansion, and stress analysis.

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, it is crucial to have equalized distribution of cryogenic liquid among the vaporizer units in a bank. This prevents preferential flow and eliminates the possibility of preferential short pass, allowing for full capacity utilization and modular vaporization at all times.

Our vaporizers feature accurately designed headers and manifolding, enabling complete utilization of the vaporization circuit. This design controls pressure drop, optimizes fin configuration, and prevents preferential flow.

To maximize vaporizer capacity, we strategically place fins in different vaporization zones, with options for 4, 8, and 12 fins. This placement ensures efficient utilization of aluminum mass, reduces defrost cycle time, and enhances performance in the superheating zone.

Technical Specification

MODELCryogenic Vaporizer QF Model
TYPES OF VAPORIZATION/REGASIFICATIONAmbient Air Natural Draft Cryogenic Vaporization
CAPACITY OF EACH VAPORIZERS MODULE10 to 5000 Nm3/Hour & Higher on request
BANK OF VAPORIZERSTwo or more vaporizers are systematically clubbed to operate in series or parallel for higher flow rates and duty cycles.
PRESSURE RANGE1 bar(g) to 90 bar(g) as standard
VAPORIZER CONSTRUCTIONAll aluminium or aluminium with SS lining
DESIGN CODESASME U stamp or CE marking offered on request
PRESSURE DROP OPTIONSApart from standard pressure drop, ultra-low pressure drop, All parallel units are available on request.
MULTIFOLD CONFIGURATIONSingle pass all series, parallel series combination, all parallel manifolding
FRAME CONSTRUCTIONAluminium alloy 6061 T6, SS304 (CS on request), SS31 16, etc.
FIN MODULATION4. 8 & 12 fins precisely placed in different heating zons for maximised modular vaporization